Our Story

The Company

As a family owned and operated company with over three generations of experience, we take pride in the finer details we provide to our residents. Broadstreet Properties partners with Seymour Pacific Developments to deliver the best rental experience from the ground up. Our goal is to provide you with a place to call home in a community you love. We hold family values close and offer you the same by taking care of those simple details, such as in-suite laundry and pet care programs. You can trust that with over 35 years of experience, our family has considered every unique feature, every step of the way. Our innovative programs, continued growth, and constant improvements ensure you are happy with your home for years to come.

The Commitment

As part of our commitment to the communities where we live, we offer our time and resources to many non-profit organizations. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, to be supported, and to have fun, which is why we support family, youth, and pet focused organizations such as the SPCA, Regina Humane Society, and the Special Olympics. To learn more about how we actively support our communities, visit our Community page.

Mission Statement

From Dirt to Door

As a fully integrated real estate management group, we create value for our owners, employees, and clients through in-house development, construction, and property management.

SPD Purpose

Through effective teamwork and industry expertise, we deliver quality projects to our clients with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

BSP Promise

To offer a client-focused rental experience by innovating our approach to asset management.

Visit Seymour Pacific

Seymour Pacific Developments and Broadstreet Properties work in collaboration to provide the highest quality products and service to our valued residents. Operating as two distinct companies under a single unified vision allows Seymour to develop new projects with unparalleled speed and efficiency and seamlessly hand them off to Broadstreet’s asset management team. Together, we ensure that our residents feel safe, supported and comfortable in their community.

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Our History

As a family-owned and operated organization, we hold our family values close to our business practices. With over 35 years of experience in land development and construction, our founder Kris Mailman has grown this organization from a local single-family home developer to an industry leader in building and managing multi-unit housing developments across Canada. Over the decades, we have established family-friendly rental communities and a comfortable rental experience, while providing our residents with a crew of dedicated staff.