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Job Details

Posted Sep 6, 2019

Job Title: Project Coordinator - Change Management
Location: Campbell River, British Columbia

Job Description

Do you thrive on planning ahead and identifying potential problems before they occur? Are your communication skills and ability to build relationships what you pride yourself on?


We are looking for an entry level Project Coordinator to be responsible for planning, executing, and organizing project activities on time and in accordance to specifications. Under the direction of the Project Manager, the Project Coordinator will carry out tasks to fulfill the project goals, scope, acquire project resources, and coordinate the efforts of project team members. Efficient delivery of project deliverables, effective quality control, clear communication of expectations to stakeholders, and upward reporting to senior management are critical tasks that must be performed throughout each project lifecycle.



  • Establish a Project Charter for each approved project, document the projects goals, objectives, risks, assumptions, staffing levels, roles and responsibilities, work breakdown structure, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Coordinate project activities throughout lifecycle, including the allocation of adequate resources, scheduling, documentation, budget, and other factors necessary for success.
  • Execute coordination of project timelines, milestones, deliverables, and micro-deliverables using the appropriate software tools and/or methods.
  • Organize project teams into suitable workgroups and guide the teams throughout their efforts to produce deliverables according to specification.
  • Follow established mechanisms for tracking project progress and reporting to stakeholders via a formal communications plan.
  • Conduct stakeholder meetings and forums in order to solicit feedback, input, and expectations; incorporate these into project plans.
  • Reallocate resources across multiple projects where necessary; identify and resolve any resource allocation discrepancies.
  • Conduct project post mortems in order to identify areas for improvement; make recommendations based on findings.
  • Provide support to Project Manager and other business entities as needed.


  • Post-secondary education in Business, Project Management or equivalent.
  • Minimum two years' experience in a project coordination role
  • Demonstrated success in project delivery and execution of project management methods.
  • Intuitive grasp of organizational structure in order to manage cross-departmental and cross-disciplinary resource allocation.
  • Highly effective negotiation, diplomatic, and conflict resolutions skills.
  • Superb creation and facilitation of meetings, feedback sessions, and briefings in order to create consensus among stakeholders.
  • Able to effectively communicate with all types of staff, including technical, professional, and upper management.
  • Strong knowledge of financial management, technology management, and internal controls.


  • Employer paid medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • $170 yearly health & wellness benefit
  • Breakfast and lunch provided daily