We pride ourselves in being a family-owned and operated organization, and hold our family values close to our business activities. With over 30 years of experience in land developments and construction, our founder Kris Mailman has grown this organization from building local, single-family homes, to becoming an industry leader in multi-unit housing developments across Western Canada.


In 1983, Kris launched a construction company, Seymour Pacific Developments with his wife Cheryl, and over the next 10 years they grew their business in Campbell River BC, building homes, subdivisions, duplexes and rental apartment complexes.


In the early 1990's, Kris decided to launch a property management company that would professionally manage the buildings he constructed with Seymour Pacific Developments. To assist him, he hired a branding company headquartered on a broad, tree-lined street in Edmonton, which is what inspired our company's name: "Broadstreet Properties."


Throughout the remainder of the 1990s and early 2000s, we expanded into 12 cities across four provinces, accumulating an impressive portfolio of 2,000 units.


In 2005, Kris decided to take his companies in a new direction. He sold 1,750 units from the portfolio to a single purchaser, and the balance to individual investors.


In spring 2006, Broadstreet Properties was re-started under a new business model with the launch of the first property in our new portfolio, River Meadows Estates in Winnipeg, MB.


Expansion continued in Winnipeg, and by 2009 projects were built in Leduc, AB and Saskatoon, SK.


Having this construction arm to our rental management business meant we could influence the design of buildings to suit our client's needs. It also gave us a powerful competitive advantage and redefined rental experience standards for the entire industry.


In 2011, Broadstreet Properties was structured to support its continued growth. We welcomed a new General Manager, launched our Client Care Centre, modernized our interior and exterior specs and increased staffing levels by 55%.


Through a successful business model offering unparalleled safety, quality and functionality, Broadstreet Properties now holds a portfolio of over 7,000 rental units in a dozen cities across Western Canada with continued growth and expansion into new markets.